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The Music in the Cuban Cartoon

The relationship between animation and music is one of the most unexplored fields in musicological and film research in general. The link between Cuban animated cinema and the music that has accompanied it over the last 60 years lacks investigative work that can assess this alliance in its proper measure. The objective of this research is to demonstrate the

presence and prominence of various Cuban rhythms in the music for animated films produced by the ICAIC (Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry). To achieve this, documentary research was used on a sample of audiovisuals, taking as a selection criterion the generational and stylistic diversity of its filmmakers and making a historical approach to the origin of the rhythms used; analysis and synthesis are also applied, fundamentally in the script-image-music relationships and the texts of the songs used. The

results demonstrate the natural connection between rhythms and images produced on the island, through the Cuban song, the son, the contradanza, the Afro-Cuban world, the chachachá and the Cuban point; concluding that the Cuban rhythms have been protagonists in the music destined for the animated in Cuba.

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