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(all with ICAIC Animation Studios) (2008-2017)

Dir. Mario Rivas
- The Old Woodcutter (A Happy Story) (Caracol Award 2009 for Animation)
- History of the Parrots: I, II and III.
- History of Paper: Origins, Manufacturing, Recycling.
- Fernanda (from chapter 8)
- Feature film Fernanda and the strange case of Dr.X and Mr. Jai. (Press Award at the 35th Latin American Film Festival (2013). Selected by the Cuban Association of Cinematographic Press as the most outstanding cartoon of the year. Collateral award from UNIAL (Audiovisual Universe of the Latin American child). Award from the UPEC journalists' section GARABATO collateral prize awarded by the children of the museum classrooms of Old Havana.

Dir. Tulio Raggi
- Negrito Cimarrón VI, VII and VIII.

Dir. Juan Ruíz
- Ernestito (the whole series)
- Beautiful rose
- Kukuy a güije like all
- The Clown and the Rag Doll
- Afro-Cuban legends (all chapters).

Dir. Jorge Oliver
- Series Adventures in the kingdom of Spelling (all chapters)
- Adventures on Cocos Island. Plin I (Bolao Award 2008), II, III, IV, V and VI
Dir. José Martín Díaz
- Tales for a grandmother (all chapters)

Dir. Nelson Serrano
- Series Fable Cap. I, II and III
- The black doll.

Dir. Ernesto Padrón
- For the curious (Chap. 51-60).

Juan Padrón
- Xip Zerep against dairy vampires.

Dir. Alien Ma
- The professionals

Dir. Lieng Chang
- Pequebots (10 Chapters)

Dir. Alicia Rivas
- Fauna series: The dog
- My doctor.
- National symbols series.
- Trip to the sea.
- The night the moon was lost.
- Short films Villa Tesoro (4 chapters)
- My flag (five chapters)

-Video games: La chivichana, La superclaria, Four rolls and a movie, Numerical chaos, Escape.

- Videos Clip: I am from the mountain, Fernanda II, In the thicket of the mountain, Emperor Error, The letters and Long live the Spelling


"Conmoción" for soprano and piano with text by Esther Barrios Acosta (1998)
Poem 83 from Miguel Hernández's "Cancionero y Romancero de absences" for soprano and piano (1998)

Works for piano
"Cuban Moment" (1997)
"Dance No 1" (1999)
"Prelude" (1999)
"Varjazzciones on a Mozart theme" (2000)

Chamber works
"My Bellabana" for string quartet and piano (2000)
"Music for a friend" for string quartet and piano (2001)
“Prelude, Fuga y algo más” for string quartet and piano (2001)
"Pasacaglia y Habanera" for string quartet and piano (2000)
"Ulises" for string quartet and piano (2002)
"CUJAE" for piano and flute (1998)
"Differences" for wind quintet (flute, oboe, clarinet in Bb, Bassoon and Horn in F) (2002)
"Music for three percussionists and piano" for vibraphone, snare, bass drum, triangle, cymbal, china snare and piano (2003)
"Seventh". Amor en Hadrumeto "for viola and piano (2003)

Works for orchestra
"Prelude to a Drama" for string orchestra (2001)
"La Novia de Lázaro" for soprano, choir and orchestra (2003)

TV programs
- Cheff's Secrets (ICRT) (2004)
- LilaPila and her Backpack (2010)
- After the Footprint (various) (2007-2010)

Documentaries (2004-2010)
- Merit is being alive (Latin World)
- Boleros (Latin World)
- Capablanca (Latin World)
- The story of a palace (Latin World)
- The Nobel that never was (Latin World)
- Céspedes el Iniciador (Latin World) (Caracol Prize 2009 awarded by the José Martí National Library)
- Simply Camilo (Latin World)
- The exceptional Fonst (Latin World)
- Agramonte (Latin World)

Theater plays

-Group Theater of the Moon.

Delirio habanero (2006)

Moon of Cuba (musical show) (2008)

White marriage (2013)

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